March Roster

Hello beautiful people! 

I woke up to this view today and realised how much I missed Dubai! Been traveling a lot especially the last couple of weeks, my roster is all layovers since the end of January.

Don’t get me wrong though not that I don’t want it:) Tbh, I loved my roster for March!!

LGW x2




DMM (Turnaround)


Had the Londons already, saw my host family for the first time after 1.5 years! Was great! My little trip to Singapore and Melbourne starts tomorrow, first time both of the cities, plus I’m gonna meet my brother in Singapore!! So excited! 🙂

This job gives me the opportunity to see my loved ones who live in all around the world as well! How amazing! 

Have a great day people! Love, Dilan

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City of Romance: Lyon


As I promised on my previous post, I’m gonna share my Lyon experience with you on this post:) It’s gonna be mostly photos though:) 

We had 48 hours layover for 6.5 hours flight to Lyon! Unbelievably amazing!! Because this is very rare on my company, we usually have 24 hours layover for those short flights:) So I was full of energy, cause I was dreaming about this flight since I saw it on my roster:) The other reason of my excitement was because it was my first flight to Europe after 1.5 years:) So it’s very special.

My good luck, the crew was AMAZING! The best crew I’ve ever flown with so far! We say, crew makes your day either a dream or a nightmare since we work as a team and like to explore  the destination as a team:) On Lyon flight I had the dream! We spent almost every minute together! Even at night went to one of ours room to watch movie lol:) 

So about the city, I would say for those who know about France a bit, Lyon is such a French city:) The architecture, people, and even the air, ah this country is the place of romance, it’s crazy but the air smells love:D 

Lyon has 2 river (Rhône and Saône) flowing through the center, many cute bridges to pass the otherside, so I’m guessing this could be one of the reasons that I found here romantic:p I love bridges lol! Also the church on top of the city (the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière) is worth to see, beautiful mosaics and superb stained glass covered inside the building. And the view of Lyon is amazing from outside of the church!! 

My hotel room


I had wonderful 2 days in Lyon! I recommend you all if you are planning to go to France:) 

Have a good day! Love Dilan. Xxx

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February Roster

So even though the month is almost finished, I still need to share you guys my February roster.

PER- Perth
MNL- Manila
MCT- Muscat (Turnaround)
BOM- Mumbai (Turnaround)
LYS- Lyon
KUL- Kuala Lumpur

Yes! I only have 6 flights whole month! 🙂 My Lyon layover was amazing, 48 hours with great team so I am looking forward to writing about it:) I’m flying to KUL on the 26th of feb, so excited for that!

Have a great day everybody! This was a quick update:p


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Hong Kong x3


Yes you can understand from the title this post will be about Hong Kong! It’s crazy, last month I flew to Hong Kong 3 times!! I had never been to this beautiful city before so I was super excited!! Plus it was my first time in Asia so it’s always gonna be special to me:)

All of my flights were nice so far, on the way to HK is about 6.5 hours, but way back is longer, up to 9 hours because of the wind. I really like that flight except being long on the way back… Passengers were nice, they don’t ask for much so we had almost 4-5 hours doing nothing on the way back although we did “we care” many times! Pretty boring for me since I hate sitting down for longer than 10 minutes. Both flights are at night so passengers usually sleep, some of them don’t even wanna eat. After my first flight to HK I figured out that mainly old passengers don’t speak English, that’s normal to me cause my mom and dad also don’t know… Since I don’t speak Cantonese (I wish I did), it’s a bit difficult to communicate, so at first they were not choosing what they actually want from bar or meal cart during service. So I tried to learn some basic words as chicken, fish, tea, coffee, juice etc in Cantonese but almost every word has many different meanings, the way you sound them is the only difference and it was very challenging for me tbh 😀 So this didn’t work either, but I didn’t give up because these people pay a lot of money and I believe that they deserve the best service as well as English speakers. So sometimes I ended up taking longer time to show all the options (which is over 30) in bar for almost each passengers lol. But it was fine because we had a lot of time:D

And about my stay! Our hotel was in the middle of center in Hong Kong Island. So my first and third stay were mainly about shopping 😀 I found Hong Kong quite fashionable, also so many shops and a lot cheaper than Dubai! I bought a beautiful DKNY bag for 650 HK dollars which is around 300 dirhams… I know the price is double in Dubai!

IMG_4070My room

IMG_4074Korean Barbecue in HK lol







IMG_4077 I don’t know if he’s a celebrity or not but I’m a tourist!




On my second stay, I went to the Giant Buddha! I saw many pictures of it before and was so excited to see it in real. Luckily one of my colleagues, lovely French girl was planning to go there as well so we went together. From our hotel we needed to take metro all the way to the airport then take a cabin car. It takes around 40 minutes to reach the Buddha. But on the way we were so hungry so went the first restaurant we saw, and it was a French restaurant lol what a coincidence eh:p We had a nice wine with our meal and a dessert!

Then we took the cabin car, and for the first time after 4 months I saw the woods! The view was incredible, especially for me cause I miss green so much since I came to Dubai:(

And the moment I saw the Buddha, I was kinda mesmerised. Especially being in a temple for the first time in my life, I was full of emotions, I cried and I don’t know why. It was so peaceful and colourful. I felt safe same as I was feeling when I was a little girl listening at night my fathers bed time stories before sleep… Now I’m reading about Buddha whenever I have a chance.























I had an amazing time in Hong Kong and strongly advise anyone who wants to travel:) And thanks to my new friend Mounia for being a great company to me on my journey to meet Buddha:)

Have a great day! Love Dilan. Xxxx

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Perth Layover on the New Year’s Day

Hi everyone!!

Been a while again I know!! But since I started flying, time flies with me as well:( literally have no time to do anything I want, I kinda have to choose to do either what I need or what I want. Never both:(

But there is some good things I can share with you as well;) I had my second layover flight on New Year’s Eve to Perth, Australia! (First one was Johannesburg and it was nice as well, but nothing special to tell, since there wasn’t a great weather that day so we didn’t do much). Since it was a night flight, the passengers were all sleeping after service so it was really chilled flight, didn’t have any trouble or rush, time was enough to finish everything on time everybody were happy and I received huge smiles especially from children and babies (my favourites) at the end of the flight:) So everything was perfect:)

My passport birthday is on the first of January so my lovely crew made a surprise for me when we reached the hotel! They made a circle around me and sang the birthday song and captain gave the present and Birthday card with our lovely Purser:) It was an amazing moment and I will never forget:) ( it’s my luck, on my actual birthday, 18th of december, i had Johannesburg layover, and the crew made similar surprise, sang the birthday song on the bus and gave me a present and a birthday card signed by all crew:) I was so emotional that day because I was ill on my birthday, working, apart from my family, not even in Dubai so was a messy emotional day for me but the crew made it very special at the end…) Both birthdays were amazing and important to me, I will never forget both these crews who made it special.

To celebrate my birthday we went to the bar close to our hotel which is in harbour, had a great river view:) Had dinner together which was lovely!!



The next day, me and Yani woke up early to explore the city. Luckily he had a friend in Perth so he showed us around. Such a great guy, James basically drove us all around the city!!! Had an amazing time together, had a nice breakfast just next to the river, then went to the Scarborough beach, the Cottesloe beach and Fremantle… Lastly he drove us to the King’s Park and we had a whole view of Perth:)



/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/1ca/74129041/files/2015/01/img_3784.jpg Scarborough Beach




Cottensloe Beach








King’s Park

On the way back, everything went well as well. I’m so glad that I had that flight with an amazing crew! I made a good friend, me and Yani met in Dubai yesterday had a lovely time at Meydan Beach:) This is the best part of my job, meeting new people everyday and also having a chance to make good friendships all around the world:)

This is how I started 2015! On the New Year’s Eve, I got that one question from everyone around me which i couldn’t have answered that moment but now I know, question was what my New Year’s resolution is and the answer is building strong ties through friendship all around the world:)

Have a great year people!! Love from Dilan:) xxxx

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My first supy flight!!!

Heeyy people!!
I had my first supy flight today! Well it was a night flight to Ahmedabad, India and was a turnaround. So we came back to Dubai in the morning. As a supy crew, they give you the chance to sit in the flight deck during take off and landing!! So me and my batchmate had the chance to watch the beautiful sunrise over Dubai with the captain and first officer! I had the best time of my life 🙂

Working in the cabin was also fun!! We had amazing crew, super nice people, supportive and very motherly lol our senior crew kept feeding us like babies 😀 love her!!

During training I was very nervous, thinking that I don’t know anything although I passed everything in 7 weeks. But I realized on board I actually know what to do! I worked like I’ve been working there for years!! This was what our trainers saying to us when we get worried but I never believe anything without facing it:D I must say that Emirates is a great school! The training is tough but prepare you for everything!!

I’m so glad where I am and what I am doing right now 🙂 Wish all of you the best! Hope you’re all well!! Xxx

PS: Here some pictures from my first flight!











Plus!! Last day of training with my bestie


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Here I am!!!

Hellooo!! I know it’s been a very long time since my last post! I was in a rush, full of emotions, excitement, worry, fear etc till I finally well kinda settled down 🙂 Now as you can all guess I’m in Dubai!! It’s weekend so finally laying on my bed just chilling all day for the very first time since my move to Dubai 🙂

It’s my 14th day here so exactly 2 weeks!! Everything went so fast I don’t know where to start really.

On the 17th of October, I flight from Istanbul to Dubai and welcomed by Merhaba Staff in the Dubai Airport! And had some paperwork then they took me to my temporary accommodation which is an amazing hotel! Just across to the Mall of the Emirates! I was really upset when I found out my accommodation details when I was in Turkey, I thought it will be difficult to unpack and pack again etc but woouw now I know that We are the lucky ones! I’m having room cleaning 3 times a week, amazing pool, gym, spa, great location, bathroom in my room! And a plus all the people with same doj staying in the same hotel! So I am living with my batchmates!! It makes everything so easy, going out together, studying together, going to college together! So basically I am never alone which is amazing:)

About Emirates, I now know for 100% that I made the right choice! Perfect company, caring their staff and customer, teaching everything basically everything not only the job but also the life in Dubai. I have never seen a company which takes care of their staff that well. And the training is going well as well, they teach everything you may come across while working, so I’m gonna be ready once I pass the training 🙂

I had my first simulator exam yesterday and did well. It was the turbulence assessment, which we had real turbulence on board:) plus my trainer thanked me for using the right terminology! yeeyy:)

SEP will take 2 more weeks and I am gonna fight with fire on sunday! I have to study all the words I need to use and steps I should follow:) So here some photos for my lovely follewers:)
Hope to see you one day in Dubai:) xxx

My last day in Turkey













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